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Продажа грузовиков полуприцепов рефрижераторов, продажа тралов автовозов

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Продажа автобусов, продажа автокранов, тралов, грузовиков,
            дорожной техники, специальной техники - напишите нам

  Our company concerns with the import-export of cargo technology, buses, building technology.   We will consider any offers about cooperation, directed in our e-mail or on our fax: (7-343)-7091939.
  They Are Interested to present the interests of large companies-producers or execute the marketing studies for companies producing technology and equipment for construction and spheres of transportation.
On today we already co-operate with several producers from Germany and Italies in questions of conduct of negotiations with potential russian customers and consultation requests.
  Except that we consider the offers from investors for production of car technology in Russia on Ural.

Trucks, trailers, semitrailors, buses from company "URALTRUCKS"Trucks, trailers, semitrailors, buses from company "URALTRUCKS"Trucks, trailers, semitrailors, buses from company "URALTRUCKS" WELCOME TO COMPANY "URALTRUCKS"!
 We are glad to see You! See our offers on this pages. Thank You!

Dear sirs!

    You are found on internet-portal to companies "URALTRUCKS". We constantly open for cooperation with foreign partner. At present we work with Turciey, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, country of the Africa. We constantly increase our relationship with the world. That we can offer for cooperation with You? First of all our experience in supply bus, lorry and building technology with secondary market of the Germany and Europe. If You have need for given to technology, or ready to offer anything us, on el.pochta that address to us or on fax (on english please!). Your request or offer will is immediately considered and You get the answer.

Our possibility

    We not only concern with the import-export of the industrial equipment, lorry, but also provide execution of all necessary formalities - customs, bank, transport. We have an experience of the complex deliveries, as well as accomodations of the heavy orders on enterprise of the Russia and countries former USSR. Our specialists have a strong skills in telecommunication system, internet-exhibits, design. We can provide advancement to Your product on the market of the Russia if her(its) profile will correspond to our commercial politician. We also can render the assistance on accomodation of your production areas on enterprise of the Russia, as well as about lease and aquisition of the industrial buildings and lot.

That us interesting?

    We greet all offers a cooperation, which are directed on development business-communications in region Ural and in Russia. If You interesting market of the Russia, that we ready to enclose all power for joint provision of Your presence in Russia. We are interested in issue us authority on advertisment, internet-development, marketing of Your products. Advisable that Your offers did not leave for frames of our specialization though we are ready to send "nonsection shaped of" offer partner.

Where we are found?

    We are found in most heart to Russia - Ekaterinburg. On today Ekaterinburg - a powerful industrial centre and already long ago has an unofficial status of the third capital to Russia after Moscow and SAINT PETERSBURG. Ekaterinburg also is so named by capital Ural and peculiar by leader amongst rest city Ural. Beside us quite well develop transport communication, infrastructure, arranged telecommunication instruments. Besides qualification Ural's managers more often does not yield the qualifications than Moscow's colleagues. There is and one more advantage Ekaterinburg. He is found vastly closer for many region of the Russia and countries to CENTRAL ASIA, than Moscow. But therefore here in some cases even profitable to organize representation of the foreign companies, than in Moscow. Additionally Ekaterinburg has nearly with all region of the Russia avia- and train service. Turn on this its attention!